Does Bumble Have Read Receipts in 2024 or Not?


In the digital age, online dating has become the go-to method for many seeking love, friendship, or meaningful connections. Bumble stands out with its unique features and user-centric philosophy among the myriad of dating platforms available.

Yet, even with its rising popularity, there remains a burning question among its user base: “Does Bumble have read receipts?”. This query is more than mere curiosity—it underscores the desire of individuals to understand their digital interactions better and gauge the interest of their potential matches.

How do Other Dating Apps Handle Read Receipts?

Many dating apps like eHarmony and Tinder (with a premium subscription) and messaging apps like iMessage and Snapchat allow users to see whether their message has been seen or not. 
On the other hand, like Hinge, Bumble prioritizes user comfort and privacy. This feature (or lack thereof) allows users to peruse messages and respond at their leisure without the sender being privy to their activity.
Users can focus on genuine connections and meaningful conversations without the pressure of seeing messages.

What Exactly are Bumble Read Receipts?

Read receipts are notifications you receive when someone has read your message. But how pivotal are they, especially on platforms like Bumble?

Imagine you send a message, and a little checkmark or a double tick appears, indicating your message has been read. That’s a read receipt. In essence, it’s like a virtual nod acknowledging they’ve seen your message.

Read receipts can be double-edged. While they can confirm if someone has read your message, they can also make you anxious, wondering why they haven’t replied yet.

Does Bumble Send Read Receipts?

The answer to the question of does Bumble have read receipts is no. Users of Bumble do not receive read receipts. So, if you’re on a Bumble chat, you won’t be able to tell if your partner has seen your message. It’s the same for the opposite side as well, and they cannot know if you have read their message either.

Although many dating apps handle read receipts differently, Bumble has chosen not to include this feature. This decision provides users the freedom to reply whenever they want without feeling obligated to do so.

How to Know if Bumble Users Have Read Your Bumble Messages:

Currently, the read receipts feature on Bumble is not available. Even without the traditional read receipt, there are subtle ways to gauge if your message caught the eyes of Bumble users.

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Know by Seeing the Typing Dots on Chat:

When you’re in the chat, you’ll see three dots if the other person is typing. While not definitive proof they’ve read your last message, it’s a strong indication.

Moreover, if you were messaging frequently and suddenly there’s a long pause, there’s a chance they’ve gotten busy or are taking their time crafting the perfect message in response.

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Check Their Profile and Online Activities:

Not only that, you can also check their activities and profile. If they have recently updated their profile, then it means they have seen the message notification but either forgot to reply or ignored you.

Moreover, you can check their status on other platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram and message them there to find out.

Does Bumble Have Read Receipts in the Premium Version?

Nope. Bumble lacks the read receipt feature in the premium version or deliberately does not add it for the good.

However, there are disadvantages, such as users being curious and anxious whether the other person has seen their message or not, are interested or busy.

On the other hand, it can be a favourable option as it may allow people to message when they feel about it or don’t feel pressured from replying instantly, which might have a bad impact on the relationship.

Why Bumble Does Not Have Read Receipt like Hinge?

If you are whether does bumble show read receipts or not then here are good reasons why it does not.

The Freedom to Respond without Pressure.

Without reading receipts, users don’t feel pressured to reply immediately. This ensures more thoughtful conversations.

How the Lack of Read Receipts Impacts User Behavior on Bumble Have.

It promotes genuine interactions, focusing on the conversation’s quality rather than the response time.

What Does Deliver Mean on Bumble?

When you send a message on many platforms, you’ll often see indicators that tell you the status of that message. Here’s how to decipher them:

Delivered Messages:

This simply means that Bumble has sent the message to the recipient’s account. The message has reached their chatbox, but there’s no guarantee they’ve opened the chat and read it on their smartphone or gadget. Think of it as a letter reaching a mailbox, but it’s yet to be opened.

Read Messages:

This is the next step. If Bumble were to have this feature (which it doesn’t), it would indicate that not only has the message been delivered to the chatbox, but the recipient has also viewed it. Using the letter analogy, it’s like someone opening the mailbox and reading it.


If you are curious to know whether does Bumble have read receipts, then the answer is no. There’s no feature right now that lets users know whether the user of Bumble read receipt or not.

It’s subjective. Some users appreciate the privacy, while others prefer the clarity of knowing their message has been seen.

No, Bumble doesn’t offer any read receipt feature, even manually.

It means that the app has delivered the message to the recipient. However, it doesn’t confirm whether they read it.

Yes, apps like Tinder and eHarmony provide read receipts.

Look for consistent responses, engaging conversations, and other signs of genuine interest.


Many users ask, “Does Bumble have read receipts?” and the simple answer is no. When it comes to understanding app-specific features like read receipts, it can sometimes feel like deciphering a code.

With its user-centric approach, Bumble prioritizes genuine connections over real-time read notifications. This philosophy ensures that conversations unfold naturally, without the added pressure of immediate responses.

As online daters, we must recognize the benefits of such features and adapt our expectations accordingly. After all, genuine connection isn’t about how quickly someone reads our message but the quality of the conversation.

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