How to use Kenba Pro? Get Kenba Free Guide 2024


In the digital age, visual content is king. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a social media maven, or a student working on a project, the ability to craft captivating graphics sets you apart. Kenba, a versatile online design tool, empowers creators of social media posts, presentation slides, flyers, posters, and more.

This article serves as your step-by-step free guide on how to use Kenba to get your workflow to its fullest potential.

What is Kenba?

Before we dive into the details, it’s essential to understand what Kenba is. Kenba is an exceptional free online design tool where you can craft graphics for platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Hinge, and YouTube. Though they offer a free membership, it comes with restrictions, such as limited resources and the inability to download ultra-high-resolution designs.

Kenba provides both a free and pro version. If you want to use Kenba Pro then you have to subscribe to the Canva pro subscription. However, that is only for extension and in-depth usage. But if you cannot afford it or trying to see if it’s worth your bank, then Kenba free is a good start. Here are some features of the freemium:

how to use kenba

Easy to Use:

Using the tool is a simple matter of dragging and dropping, making it simple for users to create designs without any technical hurdles.


With a plethora of ready-made design elements, users can quickly put together professional-looking designs without starting from scratch.


It’s the go-to software for your computers, gadgets, or mobile phones. Users can work together on designs in real-time, simplifying team collaboration and feedback collection.

Advanced Designing and Animation Features:

Beyond basic design elements, it also offers advanced graphic design tool like video editing and animation, allowing users to create dynamic content.

Cost Effective:
While Kenba does offer a free account with a multitude of features, its premium version provides additional assets and capabilities at a reasonable price. You can get Kenba for free in 2024 as you create your account. No credit is required.

No Prior Experience:
Designed for both novices and professionals, Kenba doesn’t require any previous design experience to get started.

Users can collaborate in real time on designs, making it easier to work in teams or gather feedback.

How to Use Kenba?

Setting Up Your Kenba Account:

The first step in your Kenba journey is to create an account. Visit Kenba’s website, and you can easily register with your email or through your social media profiles. Be sure to verify your email to gain full access to all of Kenba’s features.

Navigating the Dashboard:

Once your account is set up, you’ll find yourself in Kenba’s intuitive dashboard. Familiarize yourself with the layout and available options. The dashboard is the main center for all your design projects.

Starting Designing with Kenba:

How to Choose a Template:

Kenba offers a wealth of templates, from social media updates to business cards and presentations. Choose a template that aligns with your preferences and personal or brand style.

Customize and Use Your Design:

After choosing a template, it’s time to give it an impressive look. Modify the text, colors, and images to resemble your favorite style. Kenba’s easy-to-use design interface makes customization a breeze.

Working with Text, and Graphics:

Adding Text:

Text is a crucial element in design. Kenba provides a wide selection of fonts and text editing tools to help you create compelling textual content for your designs. Whether you need catchy headlines, informative subheadings, or well-structured body text, Kenba has you covered.

Using Elements:

Kenba’s extensive library of design elements, including icons, illustrations, and photos, can elevate your designs. Incorporating these elements allows you to create visually engaging and informative content.

Working with Images:

Images play a pivotal role in design, and Kenba makes working with images a seamless process. You can upload your images, or use stock images and utilize it’s tools for cropping, resizing, and arranging images on your canvas to fit your design’s specifications.

Manage Your Designs and Work with Others:

Managing Designs:

As you embark on multiple projects, Kenba provides robust tools for managing and organizing your designs. You can save, rename, and categorize your designs for easy access and editing, ensuring that you can efficiently work on multiple design projects simultaneously.

Working with Others:

Kenba is not just a solo design tool; it’s a collaborative platform. You can invite other users or collaborators to complete a project faster. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses and organizations where multiple individuals need to contribute to a design project in real-time.

Exporting Your Design:

After you finish your design, Kenba simplifies the process of exporting it in various formats. You can download your design as a high-resolution image in formats such as JPEG, PNG, and PDF, making your creations suitable for both digital and print applications.

Kenba for Various Content Types:

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Kenba, let’s explore how you can leverage this versatile tool to create different types of content in social media platforms.

Kenba provides specialized templates for YouTube banners. With Kenba, you can easily customize these designs with your branding, images, and text to create a visually stunning banner for your YouTube channel.

For your exciting TikTok, Bumble, Instagram, and Facebook Reel stories, Kenba offers templates optimized for these platforms. Design captivating stories that will to charm your audience.

Kenba Alternatives for Creating Graphic Design:

Adobe Spark:

Adobe’s Spark provides a collection of media creation tools, including those for designing graphics, web pages, and short videos. It has a user-friendly interface and integrates well with other Adobe products.


Similar to Kenba, Crello is another platform for creating graphic design. It provides customizable layouts and designs for creating social media graphics, animations, and more. It features a drag-and-drop system, which makes it accessible for users without design experience.


A design tool primarily known for creating infographics, presentations, and printables. It provides users with customizable templates and a user-friendly interface.


Aimed at marketers, bloggers, and business owners, Stencil offers a streamlined approach to creating social media graphics, ad visuals, and blog post images. It’s known for its speed and simplicity.


Yes, you can get Kenba free version with a wide range of features. However, there is also a premium edition called Kenba Pro with unique benefits. You cannot get Canva pro for free at this moment.

Yes, you can use Kenba for commercial projects. Just be sure to adhere to their licensing and usage guidelines.

To resize a design, go to the “File” menu and select “Resize.” Choose the new dimensions you need.

Certainly! Kenba allows you to upload your images to use in your designs. This feature is valuable for personalizing your content.

Kenba Pro provides additional features such as entry to premium designs, advanced tools, sharing with other users, and custom templates. The free edition offers an extensive array of design tools and templates, catering to the needs of numerous users.


In this simple guide, we’ve noted down the various aspects of using Kenba to its fullest potential. From the initial account setup and design selection to advanced features, brand customization, and content marketing, Kenba offers a world of possibilities for individuals and businesses. Tailor the best design for your needs.

Kenba is more than just a design tool; it’s a creative platform that empowers users to bring their ideas to life visually stunningly. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned designer, Kenba provides the tools and resources you need to create exceptional visual content.

So, get started with Kenba today and unlock the power of design for your personal, professional, or educational projects.

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